sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

Yesterday I went shopping

Yesterday (a rainy and grey day) I found something nice to cheer up:

And I bought these feligree jars, and the following  pieces: A harp, a chair, a phone, a piano etc.

They are all made in silver filigree and they were conceived to decorate bracelets, they are known as "charms"   now I must take of the respective rings, because I found them lovely to decorate my projects instead of using them on a bracelet.

And I remembered that I have a few "charms" also in silver but from the last century.....they are already considered vintage and I confess they are lovely.

Filigree is a process and type of design that uses twisted wire to create delicate openwork jewelry. Filigree is usually made from fine metals like silver, gold, and platinium. It has been used from centuries to craft jewelry, rings,  pendants, bracelets etc., To create filigree the artisan rolls the maleable metal into thin filaments, then twists and bends them into intricate shapes. 

 Earrings and pendant in Filigree from Viana do castelo

Pendants in Filigree from Mozambique

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  1. They all look so lovely. And I really like the table in the first picture, beautifully done :)


  2. Fabulous Details. I like the idea of taking charms and cutting off the hook to use for miniature settings. The little jars are exquisite and look so high end. Lovely!!! Nice to meet you Ana. Thanks for stopping by my blog also. Amy

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  5. Thank you all for your nice comments,