quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

SINTRA - A source of inspiration

thFrom this Blogger world -  from the blog a miniature life  Anthoula asked me what could she visit in my Country, and I remembered to put here some photos of my archive albums, (these are not recent photos) and advise her to visit the beautiful Villa of Sintra nearby Lisbon. So enjoy your visit Anthoula.

"Palácio da Vila" - with lovely interiors to visit

Monserrate, and Palácio da Pena on the horizon

Palácio de Monserrate - with beautiful gardens to visit

A cascade - you are going to find several in the gardens

Several beautiful architectural monuments

Charming private houses

Lovely perspectives to take photos

Cozy tearooms to take a cup of tea and the so well known "queijadas e travesseiros"

Nostalgic architectural details to keep

Palácio da Pena - Also worthwhile to visit the interiors

And please don´t forget to visit the Toy Museum - "MUSEU DO BRINQUEDO"

17th Century interior - Museum Collection

And at the end some of my miniature paintings inspired on this lovely Villa

Oil on canvas - Palácio da Vila

Oil on canvas - Palácio da Pena

The same Palace - Watercolour

Palácio da Pena - oil on canvas

Sintra - Oil on canvas

9 comentários:

  1. This is a wonderful post Ana!
    I just hope I will be able to see as many things as possible during my stay! ;-))

  2. O nosso país ainda fica mais bonito através da tua lente.
    Estou a adorar ver este blog crescer.

    Muitos beijinhos


  3. Thank you to Anthoula e obrigada Sofia, beijinhos para ti.

  4. Lovely photographs and your little paintings are beautiful!

  5. OMG!!!!! Where is this place??? It's absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. O Ana how wonderful to see this beautiful town!!!!
    I have a younger brother who's been living in Sintra for a couple of years. ( he did actually live in Portugal for about 5 years) Sadly enough I never had the money at that time to visit him. My mother vent down though, and told me about the town. She's a bad photographer, so she did not take any, just some post cards!!!
    It looks soo nice!!!
    And those wonderful painted pictures you make!!! The last one though; my absolute favorite, it gives me a nice feeling of a warm summer evening:-)
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!
    Synnøve x

  7. Lovely blog, really!!!And lovely pictures...this town could be very nice, with a lot of romantic places!
    Have a good week-end

  8. What a wonderful looking town! Looks just like a place where you sit with your coffee and don't have to hurry anywhere :)

    And love your paintings,


  9. Thank you all, really Sintra is a lovely place to visit and is classified by UNESCO as Cultural Landscape. It´s a Villa charged with History, and was loved by Artists and Poets in the 19th Century.