quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

Art Nouveau findings

Today I would like to show you my latest Art Nouveau findings, but before that I would like to thank to all my new followers, I´m glad to have you following my Blog.

Days ago I found these pretty ornaments in a desplay at an antique shop, I realized that they had very good quality so I couldn´t resist, here they are together with two items I had already belonging to this decorative style.

The Art Nouveau jardinière - Leda and the Swan -  is inspired on the Greek Mythology in wich Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan.

Grandfather clock with pendulum, made of pewter and gold painted, the clock-face is behind glass, date around 1910 - height 13cm. It needs  and deserves some repair work, I hope to do it one day because it´s very lovely. 

Detail of the one above - A Japanese Fan

(The ornaments in background are from a Art Nouveau book).

I hope you get inspired by this decorative style. In wich concerns my work I hope to apply my   Art Nouveau ornaments  in a decoration one day, if not I will simply look at them fascinated for this decorative style.

And to finish I took a photo from a book, also fascinated by the Art Nouveau Decorative Glasses, these begong to  Daum Frères - 1904, as I can´t afford them in scale 1/1 I imagine to have them made in scale l/12..........

segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

A break for a tea

First of all I would like to wellcome my  new Followers, thank you very much for visiting my Blog.

I´ve no news in which concerns my work, I´ve been operated a second time to remove the "support material" of my broken foot, and I hope to get well in a near future, and hope also to return to my studio as soon as possible.

Now I profit to invite all my Followers to join me at another cup of tea, and a slice of marble cake.

Tea cup from Limoges and marble cake

Porcelaine "Tête-à-Tête" tray, with a simple but lovely hand painted landscape

I "bought" this tea set more or less 20 years ago from an antique dealer to whom I restored some porcelain pieces, instead of receiving money from my work I preferred  to buy this antique tea set from Limoges. The lids have a few damages but I never had time to repair them....

The mark at the bottom of the tea cup

And of course a miniature tea set near one of my cakes.  As I can´t find any supplier of  good white porcelain one of the experiences I would like to try some day is to enrich some of the miniature porcelain I have, i.e. I intend to profit the decoration  made with decals of these serial pieces,  and paint some more detail and a border using porcelain pigments, there´s one thing I don´t know, if these tiny pieces will stand high temperatures of 780º., as always I´ve so many ideas on my mind and so little time to accomplish them.....

I would like very much to find good quality white miniature porcelain to paint, do you know any supplier?