segunda-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2011

An unexpected gift

I began the New Year receiving an unexpected  and amazing gift, just take a look

I looks real, in scale 1/1 doesn´t it? Pay attention to all the detail...


It is a lovely work made by Maria Armanda in scale 1/12 , she has such a talent!

Enjoy the detail: the perfume bottles, the mirrors, the lip stick, the nail varnish, the comb, the necklace, it´s incredible, everything is in place for a great evening, I can imagine the "owner" of this cozy corner spending some hours preparing herself for the party.

Note the evening dress which  is embroidered

The shoes are lovely

I will treasure it, thank you so much Maria Armanda for this lovely gift, an I wish you a Happy New Year with great projects.