segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

A miniature rose to my new followers

One month is already gone, I spend my days quite entertained, between reading, sewing some pieces for my country house, that I will show in due time, consulting my art books, taking notes for new little projects to complement my "big" projects, and this weekend  when my husband brought to me a few roses from the garden, and I was so glad that  they inspired me to do my first miniature rose , does it look like a rose?

And here it is and I dedicate it to my new followers, thank you very much for following my blog.

Also I was temptated to do some jars for one of my greenhouses, they are rather colourful because I´ve used some decorative papers, glued over watercolour paper and then duly cut into the form of the jar, I remember these jars when I was a child,  they  were  in white enamel, but I decided to decorate them. Later I will put some touches of decorative motifs in accordance, and varnish them, although they are made of paper I was surprised that at the final they got quite consistent.

I forgot to say that the rose was done with white rice paper, then I found it was to white and asked my husband to bring me one of my small watercolour boxes, he asked me already if I wanted all the studio mooved to the first floor....., so I painted a few touches of yellow and rose very diluted and then I thought that I had to put a few leaves, so I got a paperpunch and cutted a few leaves also in white, then I painted it and in result I think that I have to repeat the roses, I never thought to be able to do them properly by I think I can, with lots of time and patience.

quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

My work in backstage

Today I decided to share with you some of my work in "backstage" I hope you like it, some of the works are originals others inspired in by gone artists but I always like to mention it.

Some of the pieces I´m going to show

Lacquered Chippendale chest of drawers

To decorate this Chippendale chest of drawers I used two techniques, one for lacquering the panels and the drawers -  and other of "faux finish" in which I painted over gesso to resemble wood, my "secret" is always the same, too much layers all of them duly worked with sand paper until no traces of brush are seen, too many hours of labour but the final is very rewarding.

Wood screen covered with silver leaf and decorated with tempera, the silver leaf was applied as always over the "lacquered" surface.

The screen was decorated to complement the console, so I choosed the colours to match

Frame and Easel by Maria Armanda

Oil Painting
Frame from my friend Maria Armanda, lacquered by me in the techique of décapé  with touches of silver leaf, and oil with roses at the biginning

A master piece carved from Maria Armanda in wich I concentrate all my love for miniature painting in order to honour her work. The wood was very carefully painted in several coats of beige with lots of work of sand paper but a very delicate touch because of the fragility of the wood. Then I used tempera to decorate the details.

The finished tray with some of the detail brushes I used

Lacquered Screen with Pillement decoration

Two little chest from Paulo Gomes, the one on the right is already decorated and one table I ordered from David from Iriarte, which is still awaiting to be decorated

Next time I will share some more photos.