segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

More about the giveaway

I have to thank you all for your participation in my first giveaway, I did´nt expect such good enthusiasm, for the moment stay a while and have a cup of tea, I will also make a pause with you and think in adding something more to this first give away.

Earl Grey tea served on a chinese cup and a miniature tea set in jade from China, over natural silk with oriental flowers and parasol. As I´m fond of tea I collect tea cups and tea sets from miniature to larger scales.

The above cup of tea belongs to a set and everytime I drink from these cups I wonder how they achieve the technique of inserting this image at the bottom with such transparency.  

As I mentioned already I have three other Blog, where I receive lots of visits, but usually people do not participate, and I´m glad to be visited by you and receive your comments, in this Blog. Besides, since I began this Blog I had the chance to visit lots of beautiful blogs that I did´nt know.

Usually I´m always very busy with my Family life and my work although I work for my self , but this year I did not yet entered my studio to work in my projects, and I blame this endless winter so I had all my spare time to dedicate to my new Blog.

Well, at this point, I have already achieved the 50 followers (I didn´t expect it so soon) and now I will give one number for each of them by the order they entered, and then choose a number .

Furthermore I decided to  buy two more jars (I hope to find more) and will atribute one to the participants in the initial post until tomorrow by this hour,  and the other one shall be given to  NORMA who kindly divulged my giveaway.  At the end I´ll ask your adresses. 

Thank you all


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  1. Wow, thank you so much Ana! I hadn't expected that. I can tell you though, that it might have been the giveaway information that brought people to your blog, what will bring them back is the special quality of your work, and the other interesting 'bits and pieces' (such as the tea set above, and that amazing image in the cup)that you present us with that will bring the visitors. This is just the start I am sure :)

    I can't find an email address for you anywhere here or in your profile, if you email me at I will be happy to provide you with my mailing address. I am sure you will understand that I am reluctant to mention it here in this public forum.