sábado, 13 de março de 2010

Do you like Mushrooms?

Today I bought mushrooms for lunch and I thought to my self it´s funny I´m not able to eat them, because I don´t like the flavour, but I find them so attractive. 

So I profit to  show you  a box made with the technique of decoupage as proof of my appreciation to these Fruits of the Fungi World.

The box is lacquered in dark brown and the mushrooms were cut from a decorative paper; the grisaille engravings are from Nicola Wingate-Saul. One of this day I will talk  about the technique of decoupage.

And I profit to show you some photos I made some time ago during a walk with the Familly  on a beautiful day .

I´m always very attentive to everything that surrounds me, looking for sources of inspiration, and I keep lots and lots of images which sooner or later are very useful to my work.

Sometimes my camera catches details that I don´t see at the moment, here I caught a mosquito

And finally as I don´t know their names and ignore if some of them are poisonous here are the names of some of them.

(Click on the image to see the namesof the different species)

This is the glue that I use for decoupage, and it acts also like a varnish, but if you buy it you have to check if it has a gloss finish, because if you don´t want to apply a varnish at the the end this product is enough, for both operations. And don´t forget to seal the paper before gluing the paper. I use an aerosol sealer.

If you are attentive you will find beautiful wrap pappers suitable for decoupage, if you want to apply them on miniatures you may reduce them at the proper scale, and for that purpose I´m fond of Conqueror paper, both white or very light creme.

7 comentários:

  1. A caixa está muito bonita, Ana! E eu a-d-o-r-o cogumelos...mas não é só de vista! Como-os!

    Bjão grande!

  2. Beautiful real mushrooms--I love them, too--and such a beautiful decoupaged mushroom box. What do your seal your decoupage with?!


  3. It's beautiful as everything you do :)


  4. Using mushrooms as a decopage subject would not have crossed my mind, and yet the result is wonderful. I think you pictures are fabulous too, I am sure that getting the light right for such a subject must be difficult.

    Yes please do show us some decoupage techniques! I have recently come across the product Decopatch on a blog, it looks like a great way for those of us who are 'artistically' challenged could achieve an interesting surface decoration.

  5. Thank you for your comments, I will make a photo including the glue/varnish I use, it´s the same product.

  6. Excellent photos, and the decoupage is fun!
    I don't like to eat mushrooms, but I like to buy miniature ones sometimes.

  7. I spent the day making clay mushrooms so it is very interesting to see your lovely photographs of all these different species of mushroom.