segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010

A sketch

Today I found a study in my files I´ve done before decorating this japanese lacquered tray, I´ve done it years ago but  I still like it. Gouache over paper (scale 1/1)

Lacquered tray, hand painted with egg tempera over gold leaf  l/1

Also when I found today the photo of  my last oil paintings, I wished to restart soon, my recovery from the brooken foot is doing well. Thank you all to the ones who were concerned about me.

Oil paitings in scale 1/12

terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

My 2nd adventure in the Pastry World

These last months I had to avoid the real world of desserts. Because of my broken foot I had to make some diet, I didn´t want to get  more weight, and I  succeed, but I took some revenge, as I had my box of FIMO kept at home, one day talking to a friend who also appreciates good pastry I decided to do again some desserts to compensate myself, and I was lucky to have by the hand some material to distract my mind from my problem. 

I´m very fond of good pastry in the scale 1/1 and unfortunately in my Country the confection of pastry is very industrial nowadays, although we have very good pastry-cooks in expensive Hotels and Restaurants which are recognized internationally.

In this Blog World I´m very attentive to  Blogs regarding original desserts, and  lately I´ve seen wonderful works in this area, congratulations to all of you.

Now I will show you only some of my experiences in this area, I did a lot of cakes but some of them are still unfinished, this is a work that I think I will repeat and hope to improove . All the  following cakes are made of FIMO and SCULPEY. For instance the Lilac Fantasy one of my preferred, is  inside made of "Chocolate", and then all covered with thin round petals. All of my cakes are original. 

Marzipan Star

Orange Sensation Cake

Lilac Fantasy

Angel Cake


Fruit Selection

Cake stand

Wedding Cake

In my projects I have two room-boxes and one Corner Shop which I intend to decorate as Pastry Shops, and a few years ago I bought in Thailand three pieces of  furniture and some cakes to decorate this last one. By that time I liked the cakes very much but now I think I will keep them hidden because I´m not fond of them any more, but now I´m glad I have already enough cakes for the three projects, later I´ll show you more.

Cakes I bought in Thailand

My Corner Shop