quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

Shall I ever finish it?

I talked already about this unfinished project - The Country House - in my other Blog, but everytime I enter my studio there it is looking at me "asking" to be finished; the lower floor is almost accomplished, now it follows the upper floor - bed room and bathroom, and the  finally roof. And here are some photos:

A vew from the porch

Detail in the Kitchen

Detail in the Dining Room

Some tissues, ribbons and cross stich for the bed room

Hand made cushion, a vase covered with tissue and a few roses, a crochet hat, a shaker hand made box and a vintage wood doll

Hand painted decorative dishes

And this is the project that I think everybody knows  already from Planet Agostini 

terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010


After some hesitation, I decided to keep company to Maria Armanda again this year at the Tom Bishop´s Fair, the motiv of hesitation is that I have only a few new pieces to show,  I had to make a stop in my work against my intention, but here I am ready to go and I hope we  shall profit to amuse ourselves and make a few aquisitions, there are always so many exhibitors with lovely things to attempt us.

We shall be glad to be visited by some of you.  Our table is under the name PERFECT MINIATURES and AM -MINIATURES.

And here is a photo of my last work:

Victorian Fan, all hand made, (support: 2mm wood, lacquered and painted with oils, inlays of mother of pearl, and finished with touches of gold leaf engraved over the black lacquer)

quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

A wellcome to my new Followers

I would like to wellcome  my new Followers, for them I send a few orchids from my garden, I´m lucky to have a vase plenty of them.

Orchids adorned with a velvet ribbon and a vintage lace with rinestones

And I profited to take some photos of a very tiny gift I had from a friend - two silver rats and a dog, they are so cute and so very tiny.

They were tempted by a chocolate

The little dog near a German tiny glass