domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

A gentle gift from Australia

This week I received a very gentle gift from Australia. Norma from   -, wished to send me some souvenirs for my grandchildren (one of them has two months). When I opened the parcel  I was delighted with the contents,  thank you Norma, I apreciated your gift so much,  and the little koualas are amazing.

domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

One more wellcome to my new Followers

Sorry, I´ve been so away from my blog, but I´m still recovering from my "accident" and I´m so stressed because I didn´t start yet to work in my studio, but my process is doing well with the phisiotherapy,.

So today I would like to thank you to all my new Followers, thank you for visiting my Blog.

As for the moment I have no important new work to share with you  I decided to show you some of my small porcelain boxes painted years ago, although they are not miniatures, some of them have miniature paysages, and I remembered to show you these because I´m thinking of painting some miniature paintings for my projects. The only problem is that painting on porcelain, is a slow process, because the colours have to be prepared with oils, and the porcelain must be fired at the kiln at 730º to 830º at least for three times , and I have so many projects in hands, but we are allowed to dream aren´t we?

The Paysages have between 2 and 4 cm