sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

My Summer ending

First of all thank you very much to my new Followers.

 I´ve been very busy after some days at the seaside to rest and collect forces to start work on my studio. I have been so little productive this year;  now after some repair works in my house I´m trying to put everything in place  because everything got upside down, and I hope this time to start with my works very soon, I sincerely hope so because I´ve so many projects in my mind and also so many  that I´ ve already started.

This summer when I was walking on the sand, and I profited to walk two hours each day trying to get better of my brooken foot, I decided:  now it´s time to finish my  miniature acquarium, I´ve been collecting seaweeds, little shells, and I started already to model a tiny fish (it´s not ready yet) you can see it on the following photo near the seaweeds.

The  fish at the bottom is made of porcelain and I included it on the photo just for inspiration for another tiny fish 

I love acquariums and  years ago we had  four large ones which gave us too many joys and some annoyments, nowadays equipments are much more effective, but we gave up already this wonderful hobby.

Some more photos of my summer place

The beach was so quite at the end of September

A forgotten toy on the sand

Another day with announcing a storm but with a temperature around the 23ºC

The same beach at a different day

It´s wonderful to observe sealife near the seashore 

And a lonely seabird

I´ve put a seaweed I found floating  inside a plastic bag full of water just to oberve it

quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

My working table in the last months

Two months ago and after some "up and down" with my recovery from my broken foot,  I thought that it was time to start working, but no way, we had  already scheduled maintenance works in our house, which took too long, and so I had no opportunity  yet to start painting.

My "giveaway" to Susan and a swap with Eve are on the table and I hope to finish them still this year......,
please excuse me, but I didn´t forget.

And here are some photos:

When I work on the roses I like always to collect a real rose in my garden, it helps me with the colour

Paper roses, painted with watercolour, they are formed with individual petals 

Covering the frame with real silver leaf

Watercolour and frame