sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Welcome New Followers

To my New Followers:  Debbie - Casiti Mini - Vicky - Lara - Mags Cassidy - Ana Anselmo  I send a little sign of the arrival of Spring here in the South. Today we are being presented with a little glimpse of sun.

Detail of the flowers of the Almond Tree, which are abundant by this time at the South of Portugal

And nice birds that came to our veranda:

A sparrow so cute but feeling a little cold I think....

Upupa - Nice bird with a crest, they are also abundant here at the south, I find them  so beautiful
and suddenly I remembered that I had a pair of porccelain biscuit  crests I bough several years ago in New York - Royal Worcester Porcelain

4 comentários:

  1. O how I wish I could fly away from the icy and cold north, to visit this land of spring and beautiful flowers and birds..... sigh!!!!

  2. It´s not very far Synnove....and good weather is arriving soon, we hope.

  3. Thank you for this flowery welcome. I hope spring will arrive soon in the Netherlands ;-)