domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

My working space - Part III and Memories

Here are some of my projects waiting patiently to be done:

I have a few miniatures that I bought in Thailand and I would like to decorate an interior inspired on the Jim Thompson House on the Klong, the problem is that this House is precious and unique and I think I need one year to make this interior, it is an ambicious project.. As soon as I can I will put here a few photos of this lovely house.

Traditional Thay Roof

Precious tiny basket hand made and a fragment of the gold leaf used by Thay people to make offers at the temples.

A few of the miniatures I have to decorate the Thay Room, over thay silk from Jim Thompson.  I confess I would like to go ahead with this project, but one thing at a time....

   Jim Tompson House on the Klong

The interior of the House, as no photos were allowed, these are postcards. But it is profitable to visit the site and know more about this lovely house and its owner:

 I made  a few 20  trips to Bangkok  and I have so many good souvenirs  of these voyages and I  keep  lovely miniatures as little treasures.

With all these I intend to do a little fruit and vegetable  market - with photos on the walls of the Floating Market were these articles are sold in small canoes.

Floating Market - Bangkok.

Amazing selection of Thai fruits

Vegetables inside the typical thai baskets

4 comentários:

  1. Great pictures and minis from "the far east". I hope you will start a project with these lovely items soon :)

    Synnøve x

  2. Thank you Synnove, I will try to start with it as soon as possible, but I have other projects, and work very slowly....
    Ana Maria

  3. Hi Ana, I confess I was led here from Norma's blog about your filigree jugs giveaway. But as I read your posts (good thing you only started this year so I could read them all in one I got really fascinated with your work. And now, you are planning to build Jim Thompson's home? WOW! I will want to follow your steps closely. In fact, I will stalk you :):).lol

    I live very near Thailand, I am from Singapore and visits Bangkok as much as I can :). Up till now, I have never been to the Thompson's house even though I kept meaning to. I will this August, I think, if not sooner.

  4. Hi Sans, thank you for your comment, I´ve never visited Singapore, but as I told I went often to Thailand and loved everytime I was there. Don´t miss the Thompson House,it´s so cheerful, I´m sure you will love it also. I will follow your blog and leave a comment as soon as I can.