quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

My working space

I´ve been away from my studio since November, last year I worked hard for the Fair in Madrid , it was my first Fair, and everything had to be perfect, so I decided to rest for a while, now I hope to return to my studio next month, and start working.

I invite you to take a look.

Bellow a detail  of a chest  I decorated 30 years ago, and went to  the studio for small repairs, by the time I made these photos.

All the furniture is from IKEA

On the wall an oil painting inspired on the Ancient Syria, on the table two shops and two greenhouses awaiting to be decorated.

Lots of materials which are not always so organized

 Lots of miniatures and tissues  inside the boxes awating to be used

Some of my brushes, and old china to be repaired, the dish on the right, was my first work done with modeling clay when I was 12, it is now broken and I hope to have time to repair it.

My garden outside the studio, but in the early summer, now I have no flowers, and hope they will show up again with the arrival of spring

7 comentários:

  1. Wow your studio is very organised. I guess that will work much better than my mess ;-)

  2. Thank you Lara you should see it after a week of "hard" work.

  3. I love your studio! It looks like a very inspiring place to work and play. Thanks for following my blog and for sharing your gifts through blogging!

  4. Wow... I would love to visit...I would be like a child in a candy store!!!!
    Fantastic room, and it is so neat and well organized!!!!

  5. How do you get ANYTHING done with such a view outside those beautiful windows?

  6. Fantastic work space! I can just imagine working there with those doors open on a nice spring day...

  7. It´s nice to have your comments, thank you, I would like to add that the studio is not always so well organized. I have always more than one project in execution, and some day I wake up and realize that everything is upside down, then I stop and reorganize again. That´s true I love my studio but I only work there in the afternoon and the maximum for 5 hours, and I love when the afternoon sun invades the studio.