sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

My working space - Part II

As I told you I have a long list of projets to be accomplished in my studio, but I work very slowly, and I´m affraid some of them will never be finished.

For the moment I have in hands the Country House  (you can follow it in my blog)  at the same time I will try to finish the "Fine Arts Gallery"

At this stage the shop is being organized by its owner

I decided to paint the ceiling inspired by the carpet.


Plan of the Chippendale chest, decorated with     chinoiserie motifs. Materials: Acrylic gesso, acrylic paintings (not less than 10 layers) , and liquid gold

The chest almost finished

The Shop is already finished but I stopped here with the façade, because I´m not quite satisfyed with it, I wanted to maintain the colours I had inside, but I need to make a few changes.

Some pieces for the shop

Antique porcelain cup of tea

Two sets of silvery cutlery - scale 1:12

Detail of the original watercolours inspired on Portuguese landscapes

I would like to substitute the lamp and I balance between these two:

I would like to put this one and the respective table lamps that I bought from Mzia Dzamia in Spain, but it is too big for the space..

5 comentários:

  1. I just knew this was a really good "candy shoppe"!!!
    Fantastic items you show us.... exited to see more!!!!!

  2. Thank you Synnove, I will show a few more items.

  3. Beautiful pieces! You have a great eye for detail, Ana!

  4. Thank you for your nice comment and for the skirting offer :)
    I will sure contact you about it if my supplier cannot deliver!
    Enjoying your blog too:)
    Have a wonderful Sunday Ana!
    Synnøve x