quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

Time for the 2nd giveway

I´ve been absent the last two weeks for a sad motif: Two weeks ago we went for a large weekend, as we do often, we started with a lunch at some friends´home, and in the afternoon in their garden I suffered an "accident". These past two weeks have been rather difficult for me, and I had already enough sorrow but now I thought that I needed to cheer up and so decided to organize a 2nd giveway.
So let´s have some fun:

The gift to be attributed shall be an watercolour similar to the next one  that I´ll execute as soon as I´m able to go my studio, (I think I gave you already some trail.)

To take your change you have to guess, here in this post  what happened to me that afternoon, and which were the consequences. Difficult isn´t it?  You may try your chance until the next wednesday.

There are 6 of my Blogger friends who cannot participate because they know already what happened to me but I will arrange a way to compensate them as soon as I can.

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  1. Ana, I am sorry to hear you had an "accident", but I am reassured that everything turned out ok, because I see you still have your sense of humor... So my guess: did you fell off the garden chair and broke something? ;-))

  2. I too think, that you have broken something, I guess it must be your foot or leg. Hope that you get well soon.
    Love, Susanne

  3. I hope you get well soon. I guess that you twisted an ankle or maybe broke your arm. I hope it isn't too serious and that you're feeling better.

  4. Well, that "bad luck", what a way to end the weekend. I'm not very good guess, but the track that you gave, I think that you're dropped and you've broken a leg or an arm? I hope it's nothing serious, and you recover soon. A kiss.

  5. Ana what a incovenience!I guess someone drink too much in the party and broken something.

  6. Siento mucho, que te encuentres mal!!!
    Supongo que si fue en el jardin de casa, te caiste y te hiciste daño en una pierna.
    Espero que pronto te recuperes, me encantaria ser la ganadora de tu cuadro.
    besitos ascension

  7. oh ana, i hope you are feeling better now...
    did you trip on steps or paving??? cheers

  8. I will guess that you fell and hurt your wrist. But I am probably not even close. lol, sorry to hear that though. =^.^=

  9. Sorry to hear about your accident Ana, you are very generous to think of a giveaway at such a time. I would just love one of your wonderful paintings. I think you must have twisted your ankle and are finding it difficult to walk. Keep you foot up and rest as much as you can.

  10. Um.... tripped over something and broke/sprained your arm/shoulder....
    Get well soon! :)

  11. I´ve been reading you, and some of you are very close, thank your very much for your support in this hard days,time goes slowly.....

  12. O dear, Ana, I will hate it if I should trip over a flowerbed or was it friend's pet in the garden, fell forward and tripped on a branch and knocked myself against a tree and then toppled backwards, hurt my butt when I fell and twisted my hand while I tried to break the fall, twisting my ankle. So I hope that didn't happen to you :(. But if it did, then it would have been my guess . Good that you are still smiling :). Beautiful painting !

  13. As you know, I am one of those 6 bloggers who knows what happened to you so, I can't participate.
    I agree when you say that you need to cheer up. I'm happy to see that you are having fun with this 2nd giveaway.
    The watercolour it's beautiful.

    Muitos bjs


  14. Obrigada Sofia, tento inventar de tudo um pouco para ajudar a passar o tempo,
    Um beijinho,

  15. Really sorry to hear that you've had an accident, hope that you get well soon :)

    And the painting is just wonderful, I can't stop admiring your wonderful painting skills in mini and in 1:1.

    Really hard to guess what happened, did you slip on the grass/stone paving and hurt your knee?

    Hopefully you have nice weekend,


  16. oh I do not know but hopefully not much severe. I guess , perhaps do you damage your hands? Perhaps with something very hot...
    The picture is beautiful!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Your painting is beautiful.

    I imagine tbat you were drinking something sweet and were stung by a wasp.

    Although I hope you weren't :)

    Whatever it was, get well soon!