sábado, 3 de abril de 2010


What a nice Easter gift - I reached today  100 Followers and I would like to thank you all,   I´am both glad that you are interested in visiting me from now and then but I´am also very pleased to visit your Blogs and see your love for miniatures. Thank you all.

One of my favourite flowers - Strelitzia Reginae -  they grow all the year  in my garden 

When I organized my first give away I kept one more silver jar to my 100 follower, I was awaiting and today I was surprised when I saw that it was my friend Sofia  http://o-mundo-de-zaphia.blogs.sapo.pt/, may be you are thinking that it was agreed between us, but I assure you that it was NOT. Sofia has been retired lately from miniatures and she felt that her Blog was not being duly actualized so she didn´t want to appear in my blog, but now she has no excuse and I know she will be happy with this little gift.

I think I was inspired by Synnove and to make new photos adding cactus and flowers of my garden, thank you Synnove for the inspiration

In this photo I received an unexpected visit, it happens a lot of times, now I´m glad with the photo but I have to confess that for me  bees are always a problem, because I panic if they are around me.

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  1. Congratulations Ana! No wonder you have 100 followers, your blog is beautiful ;-)

  2. Congratulations on your 100 Followers Ana! Of course I am not surprised :)

    And congratulations to Sofia! I have just visited her blog, it is GORGEOUS!!!! So many beautiful things to look at. I want very much to follow Sofia's blog but I couldn't find a followers button :(

  3. Thank you I´m so glad to have you nearby.

  4. Ana,eu não acredito!!! Que surpresa boa! Eu ADORO esses jarros, tinha ficado com pena de não ter participado no teu primeiro giveaway nunca imaginei que, quando hoje decidi tornar-me oficialmente seguidora do teu blog - seguidora sabes que eu sou desde a primeira hora - tinha esta bela surpresa reservada para mim.

    Muitos obrigada, muitos bjs e boa Páscoa


  5. Acabo de conocer tu blog y me he quedado encantada con tu saber hacer. Enhorabuena, porque en breve serán muchos más los que sigan tu trabajo, que es fantástico! Un beso. Estefanía.

  6. Congratulations Ana, and also to Sofia on winning the lovely silver jug. I'm off to check out Sofia's blog now.

  7. What kind of flowers are they? They are so beautiful. Congrats on 100 followers too.


  8. Wow, it was only some weeks when you were at 50? But why I should I be surprised? You are amazing :). I love birds of paradise too. They make great centerpieces.

  9. Enhorabuena por tus seguidores, que seguro que iran creciendo....te lo mereces.
    La jarrita es una preciosidad y seguro que tu amiga se merece ese detalle, ojala lo disfrute mucho, enhorabuena a las dos.
    besitos ascension

  10. Thank you again so much for your comments and your visits to my Blog.

    In which concerns the flower Strelitzia Reginae yes it´s also known as Bird of Paradise, and it is one of the favourite flowers of Colibri Birds, unfortunately they are not visitors of my garden.


  11. Hello Ana,
    Sorry for being such an absent blog friend lately!!!!
    I saw your pictures today and they are amazing!!!!! It is fun to be an inspiration and the idea is great I think.....but silly me, I have a micro lens and forgot to use it when taking my pictures of your beautiful gift!
    I must thank you again, I treasure it SO MUCH!!!!
    I will post pictures of them in the french house today:-)
    Take care!
    Synnøve x

  12. Ana, there is an award for you on my blog, please come over and pick it up :)

    It's up to you whether or not you choose to pass it on.

  13. Your ewer is beautiful. The bird of Paradise is an amazing plant and has the most evocative name. As a child I was almost afraid of it. Congrats on your wonderful blog. Carol M.