domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Dolls, Dolls, and more Dolls for my new followers

Time is passing slowly, in the meantime I would like to thank my new followers, and profit to remember you to try your opportunity to win my giveaway.

Today I´would like to share some of my dolls with you. I started to collect dolls many years ago, and I have
quite a big number of modern dolls, antique dolls and dolls from my childhood - the 50ties.

I will choose randomly only a few of them:

Dolls´houses dolls - antique German Bicuit in their original costumes.

My first antique doll, it was given to me by my Grandma, it holds the marks AM 390 DEP, 1890  which means it is a doll from the German manufacturer Armand Marseile, model of 1890 and the head was made from this manufacturer to the French market, (DEP means déposé). This one is of the best quality but I have others from this manufactuer that are not so good. The body is of  jointed wood.

Doll of the same manufacturer  but of medium quality, I bought it in Brussels in very bad condition, and it was a bargain, now I´m dressing it slowly because I sew by hand, I never liked to sew, but I like to dress my dolls when I have time to do it.

Japanese little doll with around 50 years (I estimate)

And now some of my Collector Barbie Dolls:

Greyhound - Silkstone

My first "love" I could´nt resist, I like fashion dolls and found this one amazing, I bought  itat FAO SCHWARTZ, and that same day I return to buy other ones, I never thought to buy Barbie dolls, and by that time did´t  know there was such a lovely variety of dolls to please all sorts of collectors. In Europe they are not very easy to find, the best market is USA and Brasil.

I keep some of them inside their boxes in the condition NRFB (Never removed from box), in order to keep their value although I think they are much more astonishing outside the boxes.

Some more Fashion Barbie Dolls I bought that day

Charlston, Fabergé and Capucine
A significant part of my  Barbie collection is composed by Silkstone dolls.

But I like also exotic dolls:

TATU - From Byron Lars

The Pirate

Fantasy of Asia - from Bob Mackie

Next time I will share with you other dolls.

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  1. What a nice collection.
    Thank you for this pictures.

    So long, Nina

  2. Beautiful collection! Love these fashion dolls!

  3. Ana, tens de pensar em expor um dia a tua colecção! Bjins e melhoras!

  4. I share your love of antique dolls Ana and also love my AM390 which was made in 1909, the year my Mum was born. I think they have exquisite expressions. Mine is dressed in an antique French christening gown that is far too big but it seems to suit her. She sits on my bedroom chair with a smaller 390 and a couple of teddies.

  5. Devine dolls Ana!!!! Just a quick stopping by today, the whole house are filled with my belongings from the flat....a big tidying and placing job ahead of me...will stop by later for a real good studying....:D
    Synnøve :
    PS: I really hope "everything" is better!!!!

  6. I´m glad you appreciated a few of my dolls, and Margaret I´m glad too that you share my love for antique porcelain dolls,
    Thank you all,