domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

LISBON - My City

Fountain at Rossio
Portuguese tiles
Stained Glass

Another detail of the same fountain at Rossio

Fountain at Rossio

One of my paintings - oil on canvas - 1,20m x 60cm,. I love this perspective of the river and I went there often to take sketches inspired by this vue

Towboats on River Tagus

Beautiful Gardens at Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

A Brasileira - Famous Restaurant and Tea Room

When I started this Blog I thought that I would like to include several posts dedicated to the city where I was born, now I live 25km from Lisbon, not very far, but sometimes I miss the life of the City, so this is a small contribution to the city where I was born, and I will profit the opportunity to share with you beautiful images that I like to collect.

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