sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2010

A Few former works

Memories of China - Oil on canvas and collages

Also Cascais Bay - study on the place

Cascais Bay - Watercolor (special effect on the photo)

Now I would like to show some of my former works which you may also see on my other blog. As you can imagine one of my problems is that I like to work in a lot of diferent techniques. For me this is a problem because I have always lots of works to accomplish in my studio and sometimes I loose my self a lit bit
All these works are scale 1:1

Wood Box with découpage

Porcelain Boxes

Namban decoration over gold leaf on a tray
Decorative Painting - Tempera on gold - Namban decoration

Water Colour and Guache

Decorative Painting - Panel with Chinese Painting - Tempera on wood

Alfama - Old City - Perspective from an imaginary window

Oporto - Oil on canvas

study - decorative painting - tempera

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  1. ´Parabéns Ana Maria! Isto é que tem sido trabalhar!!! O blog está bem bonito e cheio de fotografias muito interessantes.
    Quanto ao seu trabalho não é preciso reafirmar que sou fã incondicional!

    Um grande beijinho

    Maria Armanda Bryton