quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

Something finished

At least I finished something for my country house, I´m thinking to add a few more details using Bindels ornaments to decorate it, but here it is:

The bed was lacquered, and "dressed" with Tilda tissues and antique laces, everything is stiched by hand because years ago I gave the Singer Stich machine that belonged to my Mother, nowadays I regret it very much


On the ground you can see some metal strips covered with paper which I used inside the eider-down to give shape and  so adhere to the mattress. Mine is not a real eider-down...., because  the real ones  are made of the soft feathers of the female eider - ducks from the nothern hemisphere. 

The bed before being lacquered

Decorations for the room 

8 comentários:

  1. Your country house bed looks so pretty and I like the way you have made it drape nicely, very clever. Is that a bed warmer? Cozy!

  2. Thank you Margaret, yes it is a bed warmer made of copper. Have a Happy New Year,

  3. Hi Ana, I am so curious about your bedspread. By tissue, do you mean tissue paper? That's how we use that term over here. I am just curious how you stitched it with the antique lace if it is really tissue :) Pardon me if I sound a little silly :).

  4. Ana, I LOVE this bed!!! You have done such an excellent job dressing it. I really love the fabrics that you have used. Did you print these out yourself? It looks so cozy that you could just jump in!!

  5. Thank you Sans, Carla and Patty for your comments.
    Sans I referred to tissue as fabric, TILDA as a lot of nice fabrics and papers to match. On the wall I put a square of paper with the same design, I regret that the colour is slightly different.

  6. Olá Ana!
    Adorei a cama e principalmente as cores da roupa de cama...muito delicada! Adorei!

    Um BOM ANO 2011 para ti e toda a família!
    Bjinhos nossos