terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Bottle Gardens

In real life bottle gardens are variant of the terrarium, and as long as the plants we put inside have the right soil, sufficient light and moisture content they will long last. In 1829 Nathaniel Ward a London physician discovered accidentally that some variety of plants were able to grown on a closed glass. Water evaporated from the leaves during transpiration condensed inside the glass being  then absorbed by the roots. This concept was adopted by Victorian gardeners and had lots of enthusiasts.

At home I have always a bottle garden, the plants I put inside lasts around three years, after that I have to change them. So I was glad when I found these miniature Bottle gardens at the Madrid Fair, now I have to decorate them - the final destiny is my future greenhouse, and here they are:

The two garden bottles together with a few containers for miniature gardens

A detail of my future greenhouse, everything is in preparation

Another detail, I think I need a bigger greenhouse because I have lots of nice things related......

Everything is out of place awaiting for the structure to be painted; one more project to add to the list of the unfinished ones.....

6 comentários:

  1. Bottle gardens in 'real' size are intriguing, they will be doubly so in miniature.

  2. Being kind of mad about glass miniatures I just love your bottles! The garden miniatures look so perfect so I hope to see your greenhouse soon! ;)

  3. Olá Ana! Desconhecia completamente as "bottle gardens"!
    A tus estufa vai ficar super bonita:

  4. Thank you Norma and Ewa for your comments, I appreciate them.

    Obrigada também Marina, um beijinho,

  5. Que cantidad de preciosas miniaturas, te esta quedando genial.
    besitos ascension