segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010

Scale 1/144

Years ago I bought two miniatures in scale 1/144, they were the first miniatures that I saw in this scale, and I found them pretty at that time, then I thought to do my first try in that scale, indeed I started to do it, but I faced a problem with the lights, I choose the lamps which they call rice grain, but I found they warm to much, and then I put the work apart, but I will try to finish it in future, one more project to add to the others.....

These are the miniatures I bought in this scale

This is the project I intend to finish

As this work was done years ago  now I know I will have the opportunity to do a better work, I´m not happy with this one now that I see it.

(The fireplace and the painting are not ready)

This is a work that needs some dedication, but now I think I have some more materials adequate for this project, so I will try to put them among the others.

9 comentários:

  1. Ana, que trabalho fantástico!!! Uma escala que não me atrevo, mas que me fascina! Bom trabalho e uma boa lente!

  2. Ana, How exciting this project is going to be for you and for all of us!! I will look forward to your progress on it! I love what you have done already!!

  3. La casita es todo un reto! pero esta quedando muy bonita

  4. I am convinced you will do a marvellous job although the ones you did were pretty amazing already :). Can't wait to see them completed. At this point, I think 1/144 is way too scary and small for me :)

  5. I started working in this scale recently and I love it, I get very obsessed trying to get as much detail as possible in that minuscule size!
    Your paintings are just beautiful!

  6. Thank you all for your comments, they give me force to go on with the work. I would like to include a bathroom, but I have to do myself the furnishings because I can´t find anything that pleases me.

  7. Very beautiful and so small yourself. Cabinet closet and I also bought and painted furniture 1:144.

  8. Oi Ana, estou contente em ver seus trabalhos em 1:144 estão verdadeiramente espetaculares, adoro suas pinturas. Parabéns.

  9. Muy bonito! Tu trabajo en 1:144 son maravillosos