segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

A break for a tea

First of all I would like to wellcome my  new Followers, thank you very much for visiting my Blog.

I´ve no news in which concerns my work, I´ve been operated a second time to remove the "support material" of my broken foot, and I hope to get well in a near future, and hope also to return to my studio as soon as possible.

Now I profit to invite all my Followers to join me at another cup of tea, and a slice of marble cake.

Tea cup from Limoges and marble cake

Porcelaine "Tête-à-Tête" tray, with a simple but lovely hand painted landscape

I "bought" this tea set more or less 20 years ago from an antique dealer to whom I restored some porcelain pieces, instead of receiving money from my work I preferred  to buy this antique tea set from Limoges. The lids have a few damages but I never had time to repair them....

The mark at the bottom of the tea cup

And of course a miniature tea set near one of my cakes.  As I can´t find any supplier of  good white porcelain one of the experiences I would like to try some day is to enrich some of the miniature porcelain I have, i.e. I intend to profit the decoration  made with decals of these serial pieces,  and paint some more detail and a border using porcelain pigments, there´s one thing I don´t know, if these tiny pieces will stand high temperatures of 780º., as always I´ve so many ideas on my mind and so little time to accomplish them.....

I would like very much to find good quality white miniature porcelain to paint, do you know any supplier?

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  1. Ana, Your tea set is wonderful. There is a company called "Maryland China Company" That carries alot of blanks and supplies for china painters. Here is a link for a tea set.

  2. Patty thank you so much for the link you sent me, but I forgot to mention that I needed a supplier for miniature porcelain, in which concerns scale 1/1 I have several pieces.

    But I thank you as well,

  3. Hope you have a speed recovery.
    The China looks so wonderful and delicate!

  4. Por isso andavas tão afastada...espero que estejas a recuperar bem!!! Já tenho saudades de umas obras bonitas!
    Eu não conheço nenhum fabricante, lamento...
    Bjinhos e boa recuperação!

  5. Ana, The link I sent you didn't work for some reason. If you go to and look in their Children Tea Sets category they have a wonderful dollhouse boxed set that is $17.95

    It is blank except for a gold edge.

  6. Desejo Ana Maria, que recuperes depressa e bem de mais essa operação.
    Um beijo

  7. Apetitosas las tartas y muy delicadas las porcelanas, tanto las reales como las miniaturas.
    Sus óleos y sus muebles pintados son magníficos y realmente me ha sorprendido que una artista de su calibre siga mi blog, gracias. Un saludo,Eva

  8. I would like to thank you all for your coments.

    Patty thank you again for you information about the white porcelain.
    Ana Maria

  9. Ana, your tea set is absolutely gorgeous! The color is so vibrant and the landscape painting on the platter is so lovely.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.
    I host Tea Cup Tuesday each with with Martha from Martha's Favorites, and this post would be great for it. You can sign up on my latest post if you like and then others can come and see this beautiful set too.

    Your miniatures are so detailed and beautiful. I have enjoyed my visit to your site.

  10. Thank you Terri I´m not sure if I´ve duly completed my participation in your post.

    Ana Maria

  11. Thank you, that you are my follower.
    You have a wonderful blog. It's very cosy and colorfull.