quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

My work in backstage

Today I decided to share with you some of my work in "backstage" I hope you like it, some of the works are originals others inspired in by gone artists but I always like to mention it.

Some of the pieces I´m going to show

Lacquered Chippendale chest of drawers

To decorate this Chippendale chest of drawers I used two techniques, one for lacquering the panels and the drawers -  and other of "faux finish" in which I painted over gesso to resemble wood, my "secret" is always the same, too much layers all of them duly worked with sand paper until no traces of brush are seen, too many hours of labour but the final is very rewarding.

Wood screen covered with silver leaf and decorated with tempera, the silver leaf was applied as always over the "lacquered" surface.

The screen was decorated to complement the console, so I choosed the colours to match

Frame and Easel by Maria Armanda

Oil Painting
Frame from my friend Maria Armanda, lacquered by me in the techique of décapé  with touches of silver leaf, and oil with roses at the biginning

A master piece carved from Maria Armanda in wich I concentrate all my love for miniature painting in order to honour her work. The wood was very carefully painted in several coats of beige with lots of work of sand paper but a very delicate touch because of the fragility of the wood. Then I used tempera to decorate the details.

The finished tray with some of the detail brushes I used

Lacquered Screen with Pillement decoration

Two little chest from Paulo Gomes, the one on the right is already decorated and one table I ordered from David from Iriarte, which is still awaiting to be decorated

Next time I will share some more photos.

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  1. I'm totally speechless :o

    Your work is so exceptional, unbelievable beautiful!

    I especially LOVE the parrot painting, the turqoise console and the wooden tray.

    It's wonderful to have such talent - I couldn't paint any of those things in 1:1.

    So, so beautiful :)


  2. Ira of course you can paint like me only you have to practice during many years, year after year I´ve been improving, still nowadays I study the ancient techiques and for sure my years dedicated to the repair of antiques gave me some experience and descipline in my work.
    Thank you,

  3. Your work is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of it with us!

  4. Your pieces are breathtaking, Ana! I'm trying to work up the courage to paint designs on furniture and afraid to mess it up. You are an inspiration!

  5. Que maravilla!!!
    Cuanto talento!!!!
    Me encanta, tu trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  6. Cynthia don´t be afraid, for instance if you have oils, you can paint your decoration over a background painted with acrylics, so if you make any errors it´s more easy to clean up with turpentine or correct and you don´t spoil the background. if you have any questions you can put it. And one more advise use always the best brushes you can afford, to decorate brushes have to be duly shaped.

  7. I remember when I saw your first post; not many miniatures, but your work space. I don't know why, but once I saw those pictures I knew we would see some extraordinary art from your hand!!!
    Everything you show us is a delight, an eye feast of fantastic miniatures!!! Like Cynthia says; you are a true inspiration to us!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing Ana :D
    Synnøve x

  8. Oh, to have such a talent! All the pieces are just lovely and beautifully displayed. I particularly like the white chest of drawers with the pinky coloured flowers.

  9. Fantastic work Ana, my favourites are the gorgeous green console and the matching screen behind, and the little chinoiserie tray, so nicely presented in that special box. Thank you for showing us your painting in process.

  10. Ana, this post is priceless. I love painting something to simulate something else, eg to make metal look like wood etc and your explanation helps me understand wood even more now.

    I have always love your work and you have been very generous showing us how you do it. I will put in the hours :):). THANK YOU!

  11. Amazing! I love the most two part screen, and tray! Ana you are great artist!

  12. Congratulations for all your works!!! They are indeed pieces of art!!!

  13. I´m glad you like my work, thank you so much for your nice comments,

  14. Sometimes I got amazed by what people are able of...your work is just amazing and realy breathtaking! I am hounered by your comment on my blog,thank you so much!


  15. Your work is truly breathtaking.That little tray is just amazing beyond words. You are one extremely talented lady.

  16. Oh, my goodness, your talent and work are absolutely amazing! I am so glad I have found your blog. :)

  17. Your work is exquisitely beautiful and inspiring! I may try your technique of the two panels for my log cabin (which is sitting in my basement awaiting completion hopefully within our lifetime!). It is hay season on our small farm and yesterday I was in the bigger John Deere square baling while my son was on the four wheeler behind me tipping the bales up, and my husband was on the other tractor pulling the hay wagon loading them and taking them to the barn. This will be our lives until about October! Thank you for sharing your exquisite work.


  18. such wonderful work! I'm enchanted!

  19. that is wonderful! my hands shake too much...I probably couldn't even put a thread through a needle!

  20. Envidiable como personalizas con tus maravillos dibujos.
    Te ha quedado todo fantástico.
    Un abrazo

  21. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You show where practice, talent and skills can bring you... Amazing paintings you make. I love the screen with silver leaf. The painting of an (autumn?) scene with blue leafs and red ones... makes me melt. Gorgeous and complementary to the just as pretty side table. So pleasing to the eye!!
    thank you for showing it to us