quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

Working on my Jewellery projects

As I go on keeping my miniature projects on the shelves, I decided to make some photos of  my miniatures combined with  my latest adventures in the jewllery field.

Hand made Silk urchins worked with miuyki seeds, jade, silver, glass beads, and silk ribbons  also sewed by hand

Citrine worked with silk treads
Lovely glass beads traded in Africa during the XIX century, agate, onix, silver from India, and silk tassel. 
This year I started reorganising my studio.  I kept for many years too much material, which I know already is no more useful to me although I love every piece of it, then I would like to finish some of my miniature projects, but not all of them, I have always to many projects on my head....., one thing at a time. 

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