sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2010

A Few former works

Memories of China - Oil on canvas and collages

Also Cascais Bay - study on the place

Cascais Bay - Watercolor (special effect on the photo)

Now I would like to show some of my former works which you may also see on my other blog. As you can imagine one of my problems is that I like to work in a lot of diferent techniques. For me this is a problem because I have always lots of works to accomplish in my studio and sometimes I loose my self a lit bit
All these works are scale 1:1

Wood Box with découpage

Porcelain Boxes

Namban decoration over gold leaf on a tray
Decorative Painting - Tempera on gold - Namban decoration

Water Colour and Guache

Decorative Painting - Panel with Chinese Painting - Tempera on wood

Alfama - Old City - Perspective from an imaginary window

Oporto - Oil on canvas

study - decorative painting - tempera

quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

A Few Techniques

Another detail


A general vue of the project

The materials

One of these days a friend of mine asked me how I decorated the table for the project "Memories of Africa" because it didn´t look like découpage. Well the technique employed is very easy and it is called "Décopatch".

In découpage (which comes from the French word découper) you have to cut the motifs and glue them with the proper glue, and you can use any paper ( which needs always to be sealed before cutting), with décopatch you have to use the proper paper for this technique which is much more thin, and before you glue it on the support you have to tear it, (when applying it to miniatures you have to choose paper with tiny motifs and tear it also in tiny fragments.

But in this case I decided to cut a mould in paper with the form and size I pretended (a rectangle) then using the mould to help I cut the decopatch paper and applyed it with the proper glue, you may consult the site of this product and see more details.
Please note that I covered also the feet of the table, this paper is so thin that it adheres to all forms.

Finally I decorated a border with tempera, painting african motifs, and then varnished with Aquapro Varnish.
Dont´t you want to try? It is very easy and very decorative.

sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

Large Paintings....... Miniature Paintings

Oil on canvas with lacquered frame decorated with strawberries - scale 1/1

Oil on canvas - frame covered with silver leaf - scale 1/12

Oil on canvas scale 1/1

I love to paint in oil technique and sometimes I paint on scale 1/1 and others on scale 1/12.

I have several paintings in which I like to include laces but....they are painted on a black background , it is not very easy but I like to do it, besides this I don´t know how to make any kind of lace.

quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Some more pieces of furniture for the Fair

Lacquered Commode, with chinoiserie motifs, and oil Painting on Canvas

Lacquered Screen - Inspired on the Paintings by Jean Pillement

Oriental Chests decorated on gold leaf

Country Chest - technique décapé

Lacquered Chest with chinoiserie decoration, complemented with an water-colour on chinese paper

Detail of the table

Decorative Panel and Lacquered table with Birds

Oil on canvas in "partnership" with Maria Armanda who made the frame and easel

Chest Decorated with Birds, inspired on a Chintz Tissue. Technique: Tempera over acrylic background

The Miniatures Fair at Madrid - Nov. 2009

Side Table and Wall Screen decorated on silver leaf

Country Chest and Religious Painting

Oriental Lacquered Tray

Memories of Africa

Last November I went to Madrid with my friend Maria Armanda, to participate in Madrid Fair organized by Tom Bishop.

It was her who challendged me, and I accepted gladly knowing in advance that I had a "hard" work to accomplish. I spent 10 months dedicated to decorate these pieces of furniture during my free hours, yes because I have my Family life in first place.

But I had to keep apart all the works I had in standby in my studio.

domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

LISBON - My City

Fountain at Rossio
Portuguese tiles
Stained Glass

Another detail of the same fountain at Rossio

Fountain at Rossio

One of my paintings - oil on canvas - 1,20m x 60cm,. I love this perspective of the river and I went there often to take sketches inspired by this vue

Towboats on River Tagus

Beautiful Gardens at Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

A Brasileira - Famous Restaurant and Tea Room

When I started this Blog I thought that I would like to include several posts dedicated to the city where I was born, now I live 25km from Lisbon, not very far, but sometimes I miss the life of the City, so this is a small contribution to the city where I was born, and I will profit the opportunity to share with you beautiful images that I like to collect.

segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2010

After a Break

Memories of Africa

Memories of China

Fashion Room

After a pause in the miniatures, in the following years I dedicated my self to Artistic Painting and took some time to teach Decorative Arts in my Studio in Lisbon.
But one day I was again attracted by this activity, when I entered a Miniature Shop in Brussels - la Courte Echelle. . There I bought lots of miniatures and soon I created so many projects in my mind, some of them are already a reality and I keep them in my studio as pieces of collection.

sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2010

The first Miniatures in my life

These were my first projects in miniature, they were the final result of my studies at the Portuguese School of Decorative Arts. They are all hand Painted. Years 0f 1986 - 1987.
Country Room - Decorated style Bauernmalerei
Egyptian interior, all hand decorated, with colaboration of Dominique Postel in which concerns furniture. Year 1987

Neo-classic Room with the colaboration of my friend Dominique Postel in which concerns furniture. This project was also all hand made and decorated, ( for instance the tiles are painted on gesso supports). Scale 1/12. (year of 1987)

You may find more about these works on my other Blog.