quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

And the Winner of my last giveaway is......

Now I´m pleased to announce the winner of my giveaway, I´ve  put in a box the names that were close to guess what happened to me that day, sorry some of you did´nt guess, and the name that came off the box was: 

Susanne  from http://miniaturedreams.blogspot.com/ .

Thank you all for your participation.

Now Susanne you have to be a little pacient because in this moment I still wonder when I shall be able to go to my studio.

And briefly I will tell what happened to me: When I was leaving our friends´house, I slape in the paving stone, I fall forsaken, and broke my right foot. It was a very bad facture involving ligaments, I had to come to Lisbon and entered a private hospital otherwise I had to wait to be operated, and I was operated the next day, the doctor had to implant several metal, and here I am waiting very patiently to be ready for fisiotherapy. In resume my fracture was very, very bad,  and  as I´m already a "young" grandma,  (this is a subterfuge not to tell you my age, although I don´t mind to do it often), I have already some problems with my bones.

And now I will leave you with some flowers and some of the respective "resident" of my garden

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Dolls, Dolls, and more Dolls for my new followers

Time is passing slowly, in the meantime I would like to thank my new followers, and profit to remember you to try your opportunity to win my giveaway.

Today I´would like to share some of my dolls with you. I started to collect dolls many years ago, and I have
quite a big number of modern dolls, antique dolls and dolls from my childhood - the 50ties.

I will choose randomly only a few of them:

Dolls´houses dolls - antique German Bicuit in their original costumes.

My first antique doll, it was given to me by my Grandma, it holds the marks AM 390 DEP, 1890  which means it is a doll from the German manufacturer Armand Marseile, model of 1890 and the head was made from this manufacturer to the French market, (DEP means déposé). This one is of the best quality but I have others from this manufactuer that are not so good. The body is of  jointed wood.

Doll of the same manufacturer  but of medium quality, I bought it in Brussels in very bad condition, and it was a bargain, now I´m dressing it slowly because I sew by hand, I never liked to sew, but I like to dress my dolls when I have time to do it.

Japanese little doll with around 50 years (I estimate)

And now some of my Collector Barbie Dolls:

Greyhound - Silkstone

My first "love" I could´nt resist, I like fashion dolls and found this one amazing, I bought  itat FAO SCHWARTZ, and that same day I return to buy other ones, I never thought to buy Barbie dolls, and by that time did´t  know there was such a lovely variety of dolls to please all sorts of collectors. In Europe they are not very easy to find, the best market is USA and Brasil.

I keep some of them inside their boxes in the condition NRFB (Never removed from box), in order to keep their value although I think they are much more astonishing outside the boxes.

Some more Fashion Barbie Dolls I bought that day

Charlston, Fabergé and Capucine
A significant part of my  Barbie collection is composed by Silkstone dolls.

But I like also exotic dolls:

TATU - From Byron Lars

The Pirate

Fantasy of Asia - from Bob Mackie

Next time I will share with you other dolls.

quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

Time for the 2nd giveway

I´ve been absent the last two weeks for a sad motif: Two weeks ago we went for a large weekend, as we do often, we started with a lunch at some friends´home, and in the afternoon in their garden I suffered an "accident". These past two weeks have been rather difficult for me, and I had already enough sorrow but now I thought that I needed to cheer up and so decided to organize a 2nd giveway.
So let´s have some fun:

The gift to be attributed shall be an watercolour similar to the next one  that I´ll execute as soon as I´m able to go my studio, (I think I gave you already some trail.)

To take your change you have to guess, here in this post  what happened to me that afternoon, and which were the consequences. Difficult isn´t it?  You may try your chance until the next wednesday.

There are 6 of my Blogger friends who cannot participate because they know already what happened to me but I will arrange a way to compensate them as soon as I can.

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010


What a nice Easter gift - I reached today  100 Followers and I would like to thank you all,   I´am both glad that you are interested in visiting me from now and then but I´am also very pleased to visit your Blogs and see your love for miniatures. Thank you all.

One of my favourite flowers - Strelitzia Reginae -  they grow all the year  in my garden 

When I organized my first give away I kept one more silver jar to my 100 follower, I was awaiting and today I was surprised when I saw that it was my friend Sofia  http://o-mundo-de-zaphia.blogs.sapo.pt/, may be you are thinking that it was agreed between us, but I assure you that it was NOT. Sofia has been retired lately from miniatures and she felt that her Blog was not being duly actualized so she didn´t want to appear in my blog, but now she has no excuse and I know she will be happy with this little gift.

I think I was inspired by Synnove and to make new photos adding cactus and flowers of my garden, thank you Synnove for the inspiration

In this photo I received an unexpected visit, it happens a lot of times, now I´m glad with the photo but I have to confess that for me  bees are always a problem, because I panic if they are around me.

sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010


I wish a happy Easter to all my Friends, Followers and Visitors of my Blog

 Porcelain Eggs painted a few years ago