quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

Something finished

At least I finished something for my country house, I´m thinking to add a few more details using Bindels ornaments to decorate it, but here it is:

The bed was lacquered, and "dressed" with Tilda tissues and antique laces, everything is stiched by hand because years ago I gave the Singer Stich machine that belonged to my Mother, nowadays I regret it very much


On the ground you can see some metal strips covered with paper which I used inside the eider-down to give shape and  so adhere to the mattress. Mine is not a real eider-down...., because  the real ones  are made of the soft feathers of the female eider - ducks from the nothern hemisphere. 

The bed before being lacquered

Decorations for the room 

quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2010


I would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all the Followers and Visitors of my Blog

terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Bottle Gardens

In real life bottle gardens are variant of the terrarium, and as long as the plants we put inside have the right soil, sufficient light and moisture content they will long last. In 1829 Nathaniel Ward a London physician discovered accidentally that some variety of plants were able to grown on a closed glass. Water evaporated from the leaves during transpiration condensed inside the glass being  then absorbed by the roots. This concept was adopted by Victorian gardeners and had lots of enthusiasts.

At home I have always a bottle garden, the plants I put inside lasts around three years, after that I have to change them. So I was glad when I found these miniature Bottle gardens at the Madrid Fair, now I have to decorate them - the final destiny is my future greenhouse, and here they are:

The two garden bottles together with a few containers for miniature gardens

A detail of my future greenhouse, everything is in preparation

Another detail, I think I need a bigger greenhouse because I have lots of nice things related......

Everything is out of place awaiting for the structure to be painted; one more project to add to the list of the unfinished ones.....

quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

A few acquisitions and a warm welcome to my new Followers

First of all I would like to welcome my new Followers, thank you very much for following my Blog. 

And finally today I found some time to make a few photos of the miniatures I bought at the Madrid Fair, as soon as possible I will take some more pictures of my acquisitions.

The Fair had so much attractions, and it was difficult to choose, here I´ll show you some of my options.

Lovely miniatures from http://www.twinheart.com/

I´m fond of these fishes with their big eyes and elegant tales, I found them very real and the aquariums are made of glass

The photo was made against a  painting on silk from Thailand inspired on those fishes

Three miniature orchids photographed against real flowers

More flowers from http://www.twinheart.com/ they are very well done. At the backgrounf I put a photo of a lovely Edwardian Conservatory, just for my inspiration

I bought them thinking of my future green house

A miniature structure of a fan nearby a real French fan, I hope to decorate it some day...

A book for my greenhouse with engravins of birds, I found it lovely

A cute little doll

The same doll photographed  together an antique doll, it is real tiny.